Just Do It.

If you are a writer, you must write.

I say that I want to be a writer.  S says that I am a writer.  The truth is – I am not writing.  We are both wrong.

A few weeks ago I went online in search of creative writing programs in the hopes of learning how to write.  I could pay someone  to tell me how to do this thing I so desperately want to do.  As if there is a secret formula I need to learn, perfectly learn, and then I will precisely … be… a writer.

But there is no program.

There it is.

I must write.

4 thoughts on “Just Do It.

  1. I completely understand. I even joined an online critique group that had great reviews from its users. I have yet to log back in since my initial visit. It’s all about being committed to it. About putting yourself out there. I am happier when I am writing. I am more content. I just need to DO IT. You are not alone.

    P.S. I struggle with the “writer” moniker as well. I feel like a fraud referring to myself as a writer. But well, maybe I should just own it.

    1. I hate that I cannot reply to you (or any of my other friends who publish on Blogger) at your site. I read your blog. But anytime I try to comment on your blog as my “identity” here from wordpress… it says I do not own this identity. WTF. I am sorry haven’t cared enough to figure this shit out. I am reading. You are a great writer and I have typed some great replies. That Dad Movement shit is fucking shit.


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