If you recognize this image, chances are good you used to follow my ramblings on the “other blog.”

It is time to move forward.  S and I are married, the kids have adjusted well, my oldest daughter –    who much of my previous blog’s angst was directed toward – is now back in my life as my daughter.  I have finished grad school and am awaiting certification as a family nurse practitioner.  We have two beautiful dogs.  We are ready to take the next step to buy a home.

But, life is not all rainbows and pony rides.

The laundry is not done.  We fight.  My yard is full of dog shit.  We are broke.

Some things never change.

My oldest daughter is still breaking my heart (mainly because I can’t heal her soul).  I still have amazing friends who help make me stronger every day.  I still have wildly inappropriate observations that I wish to tell the world about via the interwebs.

So here I am.  Again.  Still.  I am not sure what I will write about, but I can guarantee that it will be real.


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